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Nail Care Nightmares

The truth behind the beauty 

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Meet Lisa Ann Bowles

Author of Nail Care Nightmares

"the "Erin Brockovich"

of the nail care industry"

In 1997, Lisa Ann become a leading authority and 

crusader, on a mission, to help the public and any licensed professional who will listen. She has worked with ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News stations, local newspapers, the national news, and radio stations numerous times educating and informing the public and licensed professionals in regard to chemical awareness and sanitation issues within the nail care industry and how they can protect themselves from chemical injury and possible infection from dirty manicure and pedicure tools and equipment.


Lisa Ann is a former member of the National Cosmetology Association, Salt Lake City, Utah, affiliate #4 having served on the Board of Directors and Educational Committee for this affiliate. She played a significant role in assisting Utah to pass into law, mandatory licensing for manicurists/nail technicians. 


This law carried with it, R156-11a-502(12) which stated it is "unprofessional conduct" for a nail technician to use Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) liquid and Nail Technician Act, 58-11-502 (4) which stated it is unlawful for a nail technician to use a solution compound of at least 10% Methyl Methacrylate on a client. The first offense for doing so is $500. The second offense is 

$1,000 ... (For a current update of this action Google R-156-11a-502)

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What People Are Saying About My Book Nail Care Nightmares

Linda Nordstrom, CEO
Famous Names Products

Every nail tech should read this book!

Traci Dungan & Ami Mcclure, Owners

Thanks, Lisa Ann Bowles for the wealth of information in your book!!
Nail techs, check it out!

Michelle Davignon, Owner
Soul To Sole Nail Care Former Director of Education LCN, USA

I just read Nail Care Nightmares cover to cover on my flight home and I feel that every educator from every manufacturer and every nail technician, regardless of whether they use gel or acrylic and every school in his country should use this book as a reference on how to teach their students properly and add professionalism to their curriculum.I Loved It!

Dr. Robert Spalding, CEO/Founder
MediNail Learning Center

Every nail tech should read this book!

Karin Schon,
Owner/Creator BLINGline Gel


Knowledge Is Power!

Sukura McLawson, “Super-Dimensional Nail Idol”
USA Finswimming Team

Your book is very informative and a new, great point of view for any nail tech as well as a seasoned veteran approaching the nail industry.

Poochie, Owner
POOCHIEZ Nails, Georgia

I’m still learning. I don’t think I know everything because I don’t.
It doesn’t matter how long you have been in this industry, you can always learn something.
I recently got this book from Lisa Ann Bowles and it has some great information in it that can educate us all.

Beverly Ashdown,
Former Director of Education

CANWEST Esthetics, Canada

This book should be in every nail technicians hands. This is a must read.

Rob Walter,


If you are serious about being a leading nail salon or nail tech you need to read this book.
This book will give you the insights into becoming a safe and practical nail tech, providing some of the safest services in the industry.

Max Estrada,
Exclusive Nail Couture

This book is a great source of knowledge I think nail techs need!

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