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Nail Care Nightmares

The truth behind the beauty 

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Meet Lisa Ann Bowles

Author of Nail Care Nightmares

"the "Erin Brockovich"

of the nail care industry"

In 1997, Lisa Ann become a leading authority and 

crusader, on a mission, to help the public and any licensed professional who will listen. She has worked with ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News stations, local newspapers, the national news, and radio stations numerous times educating and informing the public and licensed professionals in regard to chemical awareness and sanitation issues within the nail care industry and how they can protect themselves from chemical injury and possible infection from dirty manicure and pedicure tools and equipment.


Lisa Ann is a former member of the National Cosmetology Association, Salt Lake City, Utah, affiliate #4 having served on the Board of Directors and Educational Committee for this affiliate. She played a significant role in assisting Utah to pass into law, mandatory licensing for manicurists/nail technicians. 


This law carried with it, R156-11a-502(12) which stated it is "unprofessional conduct" for a nail technician to use Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) liquid and Nail Technician Act, 58-11-502 (4) which stated it is unlawful for a nail technician to use a solution compound of at least 10% Methyl Methacrylate on a client. The first offense for doing so is $500. The second offense is 

$1,000 ... (For a current update of this action Google R-156-11a-502)

Nail Care Nightmares; the Truth Behind The Beauty is back in our hands and I can clearly read your minds!
You are seriously questioning the title, asking yourself… are there really “Nightmares” in “Nail Care”?
Of course, “Nail Care” should not be associated with “Nightmares” but let’s face the TRUTH, in the real world it happens far too often.
Lisa Ann Bowles, author or this indispensable book, industry leader, highly skilled and experienced educator, reveals the factual and very relevant information in an interesting and enthralling manner.
The reader will learn of hidden dangers found in the nail care industry that have turned into Life-Threatening challenges for both the client and the nail-tech.
Lisa Ann is not attempting to intimidate her readers; quite the opposite, she is disclosing unwanted facts and is paving the way to answers and solutions on how to avoid becoming the victim of a “Nail Care Nightmare”.
My great hope is that we can all work together to create an industry that is “Nightmare” free.
I believe this book should be in the hands of every beauty professional around the world.


~ Vitaly Solomonov ~
Cosmetic Chemist, Educator, Author

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